Specially loaded for proper functioning in semi-auto and pump shotguns, Hornady Critical Defense 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot Shotshell Ammo delivers tremendous stopping power every shot. Designed for reliable performance and proper functioning every shot, these shells combine quality Hornady propellents and design with a heavy-hitting payload of eight 00 Buckshot pellets. Hornady’s Versatite wad technology keeps the hard hitting buckshot together in a tight pattern for consistent, effective, and trustworthy protection every single shot.


  • Effective, consistent, and reliable self-defense from Hornady
  • Specially loaded for proper, trustworthy functioning in semi-auto and pump shotguns
  • 2-3/4″, 12 gauge shells
  • Problem-stopping load of eight 00 buckshot pellets
  • Clean burning and stable propellants
  • Versatite wad technology – tight patterns every shot
  • 1600 fps


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